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 While the titles of the significant studio managers often elude the audience, many fans accustomed to after the information have discovered, in the past several decades, Kevin Feige, Kevin Tsujihara, or Amy Pascal. Three titles that symbolized the thinking heads of this genre of superhero films, or the bad or good directions connected with the repertoire.

Amy Pascal was particularly known to the General Public at the time of the Famed hack on of Sony at 2014. Public image of the Spider-Man franchise, also co-president of the group's movie division for almost twenty years and lead decision maker with Avi Arad on the Weaverthis figure of influence in Hollywood in the extended and tireless livelihood had led the discussions with Kevin Feige if repatriating the personality at Marvel Studios.
On the side of Columbia or his livelihood in a more demanding auteur film, Pascal has been part of their indestructible bolts of the Sony Pictures system, catalysing numerous complaint addressed to the newest . This relationship is about to end.
In 2014, Pascal relinquished his position as president to concentrate on his own manufacturing company, Pascal Pictures, partly responsible for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters. Linked to a contract using Sony, the producer abandons this partnership (on its own, or simply dismissed) in favour of Universal Pictures.
A great upheaval in the management of the franchise Spider-Man in the future, Pascal has been over the years that the manager of any franchise, also recently materialized in the Kind of Spider-Verse in Sony and projects Venom, Morbius or Black Cat. The permit will have to proceed without it, Whilst Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its possible derivatives remain from the paternal palms of Chris Miller along with Phil Lord in Sony Televisions.
A page turns from the spit sky, and around the Hollywood hill, which continues to see the cards rebound in a busy calendar year.

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For the purposes of all War of the Realms, Marvel launched this spring a brand new title Agents of Atlas, involving each of the Asian-American personalities of its catalogue. since the day will be seen by the next eponymous title but the plan of the publisher sees wider.

At the continuation of this initial test, a new mini-series Representatives of Atlas will start from August, under the advice of the writer Greg Pak (creator of Amadeus Cho ) along with also the developer Nico Leon ( Ms. Marvel, Spider -Man ). The duo will be accompanied by tales in parallel with Jeff Parker (founder of the first Representatives of Atlas ) and Carlo Pagulayan ( Telos, Deathstroke ).

Will be in the team Luna Snow, Crescent along with his tolerate Io, all three appeared at Marvel Future Fight; or Aero along with Sword Master, inventions such as the Chinese marketplace. Be aware that these figures created their comic debut for War of the Realms.

The best way to highlight the part of Marvel in a period when a movie Shang-Chi must be done, and where the problems of highlighting diversity are still applicable news publishers of mainstream comic book. Representatives of Atlas # 1 is going to be discovered following August.
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